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YouTube has become the most popular video platform worldwide due to the immense collection of clips, movies, trailers, music and videos in general hosted on their servers. Since there’s a lot of interesting material worth downloading, a proper software or application is needed for these purpose, one if not the most important one is definitely Tubemate for PC, smartphones and mobile devices in general.

How to Download Tubemate on Windows PC?

Tubemate is an extraordinary app that allows users to download any video from YouTube in an easy and fast way with no hassles or over delays during the download process. One of the main features is the fast download mode especially designed to provide multiple connections support, which is an effective way to accelerate our downloads by connecting to different servers, something similar as what P2P programs like Ares, eMule or even uTorrent use to provide.

Tubemate for PCAnother cool option is the background multi-download that comes very Handy when we are taking care of other tasks in our device, for example, we can simply switch to our web browser, WhatsApp, Office or any other app while our download continues on the background.

Also, and perfectly designed for music lovers, TubeMate Download includes a built-in video to MP3 converter that grants users to easily “transform” their videos into mp3 files for a much convenient playability on their devices.

Playlists and social sharing

Furthermore, Meridian Player provides video and audio playlists capability so you can sort your files in a much more convenient and organized way top lay what you really like creating playlists with your downloaded files.

Now, for the most enthusiastic fans of social networks such as Twitter, Google +, Facebook, etc., you can share your video downloads by tapping a button or just emailing them to your friends, relatives or contacts in general.

If this was not enough, the YouTube search and related videos suggestions make a very convenient addition to the application features, especially for those who are looking for similar or related videos/music that match their personal taste or interest.

Video resolutions supported

TubeMate also supports plenty of video resolutions like Full-HD (1920 x 1080), recommended for devices such as Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2 and PC. Of course the HD resolution is also supported (1280 x 720), highly recommned for high-end devices. Lower resolutions are supported too in case users need videos or music with a lower quality to save some space on their devices.

The app is mainly available for Android devices but the good news is that it’s possible to have it on our PC too by downloading a program called Bluestacks. For those of you who have not heard about this program before, it’s basically a free software that allows you to “emulate” or recreate the Android experience on your computer in a very easy way. This software let’s you run and use your favorite mobile apps on your PC including Temple Run 2, Telegram, Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, and of course TubeMate, just to name a few.

How to install Tubemate on PC:

To install TubeMate on your computer, just download the file provided in the link above, open it and follow the instructions on screen, it’s pretty much the same process as when you install other apps on your PC like a web browser, iTunes, etc. Once the installation has concluded, you have to install the TubeMate app on BlueStacks, since it’s not available on Google’s PlayStore, you have to download the .apk file from the following location:

After the download have been finished, just open the .apk file (Bluestacks must be opened once you do this) and the app will start installing automatically within the Bluestacks window, just wait until the process is done.

All you have to do next is locate the TubeMate for PC icon on Bluestacks, tap/click on it, accept the terms of use and start enjoying all the features and advantages of this excellent application. As you will see, the search bar is located on top of window (pretty much in the same spot as the YouTube app for mobile devices), just enter what you are looking for and start the search. Once you’ve chosen the video you want to download, open it (click on the video) and in the upper right of screen click on the green arrow to start the download. The video will be saved in the video folder specified in the app preferences, of course you can change this destination folder by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right side of your screen, the options will be displayed including “Preferences” where you’ll be able to change this among many other ones.

When you click the green download arrow on screen top, you will notice a new window will pop up showing you all the available video resolutions for the download of your file, just go ahead and choose the one that better suits your need. Take into account that some videos may only be available either on low or high resolution, so if the video of your choice is not on your desired resolution, we suggest you go back to the search bar and try to locate another copy of the same video on YouTube that can meet your resolution requirements. You can use it on Windows or Mac.

Last but not least, since video files are usually quite big (unless the video is pretty short), make sure you have enough space on your PC hard drive to store the files you grab from YouTube, this way your downloads will not be interrupted due to lack of storage in your device.

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