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What’s so fun about Kik Online Login? Imagine having people you love far far away and then managing to share your every thought with them through voice, video and instant messages seated on your PC, no need of a smartphone at all. That is what Kik Messenger Online platform has done. Within 15 days of it, launch it crossed over 10 million users and after some years now it’s a significant player like tinder but not defamed as hookup apps.

Kik has been around since 2009, but with the latest plans where Kik messenger login online can be downloaded to your computer, it allows you to have the same utility on your computer.

Now that is amazing, isn’t it? To use Kik messenger on your computer without even downloading it to your smartphones?

Now here is the kicker, Kik Messenger has introduced Kik bots online that will help you process trending news, you can also chat with them and use them in your chats.

Ever since Kik online and the future of this app has been revolutionized and is here to stay.

Kik Login and Account Sign up Online on PC:

After you have downloaded Kik on to your device, you can just follow my easy steps below and sign up.

Step 1– Open the app and select ‘Sign Up’

Step 2– Select your First and Last name ( That will be your display name too )

Step 3– Create a unique username. If your username is already taken they will ask you to select another.

Step 4– After creating a user name enter a valid email address and validate it

Step 5– Enter your Birthdate

Step 6– Enter your phone number to sync contacts

Step 7– Tap ‘Sign Up’

Viola ! Your Kik login and account set up is ready to be used to explore the world. Use your account info to login to Kik every time.

Additional Feature you Get When You Access KIK Online Without Downloading

If we are talking about the features of Kik, it’s attractive to the core because somehow Kik messenger has added peppy features to get you interested from the very start after you log in. Starting from chat rooms to get you a both who can be your personal friend and advisor both at the same time.

Stay in touch:

This is one of the basic features that Kik has for it users, messaging and staying in touch who wouldn’t like that then again kik offers this choice to you in a slightly different way, where the mechanism is easy going and attractive, you can text, voice call, video call, and share files of your choice.

Innovate every “HI.’’

Its when you can present every emotion precisely the way you feel because Kik has offered a wide variety of emojis for your every mood swing.

Bots can be your good virtual friends:

Its one of the best features of kik, bots are designed to be social, and it’s beyond amazing how you can get along with bots, as they give you tips, can join your group chats, you can even play games with it.

Stay connected with kik codes:

Kik codes are one the most innovative upgrades in any messaging application so far; it keeps you connected to your surrounding, let me tell you how. It has a unique code, and when you scan the code a chat opens, and you can text them right away, it’s been widespread with food stores and restaurants because they just put around the code and people looking for food come along following the code.

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